Israeli GPS Deactivated and IDF Leave Suspended Amid Iran Threat

As tensions escalate between Israel and Iran, Israeli authorities have taken significant defensive measures, including disabling GPS systems and cancelling leave for soldiers in combat units. These actions come in response to heightened threats from Iran following an attack on its consulate building in Syria, which Israel is widely believed to have carried out.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced the halting of all leave for soldiers serving with combat units, and reservists have been called up to bolster air defense units. These moves signal a heightened state of readiness amid concerns of imminent retaliation from Iran. 

Israeli citizens have reported disruptions in GPS systems across central parts of the country, including major cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This defensive measure is aimed at interfering with missiles and drones, which rely on GPS for navigation. The interference has led to instances of incorrect location identification, with some users reporting their GPS locating them in places far from their actual location.

The IDF has urged citizens to manually set their location on apps used for issuing alerts about incoming rocket attacks to ensure accuracy amid the GPS disruptions. Additionally, the navigation app Waze reportedly identified one Tel Aviv taxi driver's location as Beirut due to GPS interference.

These defensive measures come amidst ongoing tensions in northern Israel near the border with Lebanon, where Israel and the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah have been engaged in frequent exchanges of fire. The recent targeting of a building on Iran's diplomatic compound in Damascus, Syria's capital, has further escalated tensions, with Iran vowing to respond.

Meanwhile, Israel faces international pressure over the killing of seven aid workers in Gaza. The incident, attributed to misidentification by the IDF, has prompted calls for an immediate ceasefire and measures to address civilian harm and humanitarian suffering in the region.

As Israel remains on high alert, the situation continues to evolve, with regional and international actors closely monitoring developments amid the heightened tensions between Israel and Iran.

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