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Porn Blocker Service: Full Guide for Restricting Adult Content.

The Internet, besides its obvious advantages, is a strange place full of dangers. Even adults often get tricked by flashy banners or disgust...

Danial Zahoor 5 Dec, 2022

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PassBreaker: Python Command-Line Password Cracker

PassBreaker is a command-line password cracking tool developed in Python. It allows you to perform various password cracking techniques such...

Danial Zahoor 11 Dec, 2023

CloakQuest3r - Uncover the true IP address of websites safeguarded by Cloudflare

CloakQuest3r is a powerful Python tool meticulously crafted to uncover the true IP address of websites safeguarded by Cloudflare, a widely a...

Danial Zahoor 10 Dec, 2023

SqliSniper - Advanced Time-based Blind SQL Injection fuzzer for HTTP Headers

SqliSniper is a robust Python tool designed to detect time-based blind SQL injections in HTTP request headers. It enhances the security asse...

Danial Zahoor 10 Dec, 2023

WinDiff: Cross-Version Binary Comparison Tool

WinDiff is an open-source web-based tool that allows browsing and comparing symbol, type and syscall information of Microsoft Windows binari...

Danial Zahoor 1 Dec, 2023

Mass Bruter - Mass bruteforce network protocols

Simple personal script to quickly mass bruteforce common services in a large scale of network. It will check for default credentials on ftp,...

Danial Zahoor 27 Nov, 2023

CureIAM: Revolutionizing GCP Infrastructure with Clean Accounts and Scalable Permissions Management

"CureIAM introduces a groundbreaking approach to GCP infrastructure management, emphasizing the transformative synergy of clean account...

Danial Zahoor 26 Nov, 2023

Hades-C2 - Hades Basic Command & Control Server

Hades is a basic Command & Control server built using Python. It is currently extremely bare bones, but I plan to add more features soon...

Danial Zahoor 26 Nov, 2023

CryptChat: Beyond Secure Messaging

Welcome to CryptoChat - where conversations remain truly private. Built on the robust Python ecosystem, our application ensures that every w...

Danial Zahoor 19 Nov, 2023

Telerecon - A reconnaissance framework for researching and investigating Telegram.

Telerecon is a comprehensive OSINT reconnaissance framework for researching, investigating, and scraping Telegram. For example: Input a targ...

Danial Zahoor 17 Nov, 2023

NetworkAssessment: Network Compromise Assessment Tool

The Network Compromise Assessment Tool is designed to analyze pcap files to detect potential suspicious network traffic. This tool focuses o...

Danial Zahoor 10 Nov, 2023

TrafficWatch: Analyzing Network Traffic with PCAP Packet Sniffer

TrafficWatch, a packet sniffer tool, allows you to monitor and analyze network traffic from PCAP files. It provides insights into various ne...

Danial Zahoor 6 Nov, 2023

Certificate Ripper - 🔐 A CLI tool to extract server certificates

Certificate Ripper is a powerful CLI tool designed for the extraction of server certificates. With a strong focus on cybersecurity, this uti...

Danial Zahoor 5 Nov, 2023

PatchaPalooza: Microsoft Security Update Analysis

PatchaPalooza is a robust tool designed to offer in-depth analysis of Microsoft's monthly security updates. Explore detailed insights in...

Danial Zahoor 1 Nov, 2023

LooneyPwner: CVE-2023-4911 Exploit Tool

Exploit tool for CVE-2023-4911, targeting the 'Looney Tunables' glibc vulnerability in various Linux distributions.

Danial Zahoor 29 Oct, 2023

Python Path Finder: Website Information Retrieval Tool

Web Path Finder is a Python program that provides information about a website. It retrieves various details such as page title, last updated...

Danial Zahoor 28 Oct, 2023

Facad1ng: URL Masking for Phishing Protection

The Ultimate URL Masking Tool - An Open-Source URL Masking Tool Designed To Help You Hide Phishing URLs And Make Them Look Legit Using Socia...

Danial Zahoor 25 Oct, 2023