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Porn Blocker Service: Full Guide for Restricting Adult Content.

The Internet, besides its obvious advantages, is a strange place full of dangers. Even adults often get tricked by flashy banners or disgust...

Danial Zahoor 5 Dec, 2022

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Porch Pirate: The Ultimate Postman Recon and OSINT Tool

Porch Pirate is the most comprehensive Postman recon / OSINT client and framework that facilitates the automated discovery and exploitation ...

Danial Zahoor 15 Apr, 2024

APKDeepLens - Android security insights in full spectrum.

APKDeepLens is a Python based tool designed to scan Android applications (APK files) for security vulnerabilities. It specifically targets t...

Danial Zahoor 14 Apr, 2024

SARA - Simple Android Ransomware Attack

SARA is a simple tool to create Trojan or Ransomware for Android devices

Danial Zahoor 29 Mar, 2024

Why You Should Consider Switching from Google Password Manager

In the realm of digital security, the management of passwords is paramount. While Google's built-in password manager may seem convenient...

Danial Zahoor 27 Mar, 2024

Chinese APT Group 'Earth Krahang' Breaches 70 Organizations in 23 Countries

A sophisticated hacking campaign attributed to a Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group known as 'Earth Krahang' has breache...

Danial Zahoor 20 Mar, 2024

DarkGPT: OSINT Assistant for Leaked Database Queries

DarkGPT is an OSINT assistant based on GPT-4-200K (recommended use) designed to perform queries on leaked databases, thus providing an artif...

Danial Zahoor 14 Mar, 2024

Legacy WiFi Wizard: Unleashing Time-Tested Windows Brute Force Mastery

WinFiHack is a recreational attempt by me to rewrite my previous project  Brute-Hacking-Framework's  main wifi hacking script that uses ...

Danial Zahoor 9 Mar, 2024