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Porn Blocker Service: Full Guide for Restricting Adult Content.

The Internet, besides its obvious advantages, is a strange place full of dangers. Even adults often get tricked by flashy banners or disgust...

Danial Zahoor 5 Dec, 2022

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SploitScan: Advanced Cybersecurity Utility

SploitScan is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to streamline the process of identifying exploits for known vulnerabilities and the...

Danial Zahoor 23 Feb, 2024

APK2URL: Extract IP and URL Endpoints from APKs with OSINT Tool

apk2url easily extracts URL and IP endpoints from an APK file and performs filtering into a .txt output. This is suitable for information ga...

Danial Zahoor 22 Feb, 2024

MR.HANDLER - Linux Incident Response Reporting

MR.Handler is a specialized tool designed for responding to security incidents on Linux systems. It connects to target systems via SSH to ex...

Danial Zahoor 21 Feb, 2024

SwaggerSpy - Automated OSINT on SwaggerHub

SwaggerSpy is a tool designed for automated Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on SwaggerHub.This project aims to streamline the process of ga...

Danial Zahoor 20 Feb, 2024

AzSubEnum - Azure Service Subdomain Enumeration

AzSubEnum is a specialized subdomain enumeration tool tailored for Azure services. This tool is designed to meticulously search and identify...

Danial Zahoor 19 Feb, 2024

Web-Wordlist-Generator: Scan and Create Related Wordlists

WEB-Wordlist-Generator scans your web applications and creates related wordlists to take preliminary countermeasures against cyber attacks.

Danial Zahoor 16 Feb, 2024

CloudMiner: Execute code within Azure Automation service without getting charged

CloudMiner is a tool designed to get free computing power within Azure Automation service. The tool utilizes the upload module/package flow ...

Danial Zahoor 11 Feb, 2024

BucketLoot: Automated S3-Compatible Bucket Inspector for Asset Extraction and Security Analysis

BucketLoot is an automated S3-compatible bucket inspector that can help users extract assets, flag secret exposures and even search for cust...

Danial Zahoor 9 Feb, 2024

AI-Powered AntiSquat: Detecting Typosquatting and Phishing Domains

AntiSquat leverages AI techniques such as natural language processing (NLP), large language models (ChatGPT) and more to empower detection o...

Danial Zahoor 7 Feb, 2024

Rayder: Lightweight CLI Tool for Bug Hunting Workflows

A lightweight tool for orchestrating and organizing your bug hunting recon / pentesting command-line workflows.

Danial Zahoor 6 Feb, 2024

PMKID WPA2 Cracker: Passphrase Extraction Without De-authentication

This program is a tool written in Python to recover the pre-shared key of a WPA2 WiFi network without any de-authentication or requiring any...

Danial Zahoor 27 Jan, 2024

Logsensor: Login Panel Discovery & SQLi Scanning

A Powerful Sensor Tool to discover login panels, and POST Form SQLi Scanning.

Danial Zahoor 26 Jan, 2024

Trezor Support Site Breach and Data Exposure Effecting 66,000 Customers

Trezor, a leading hardware cryptocurrency wallet vendor, recently reported a security breach on its support site, affecting approximately 66...

Danial Zahoor 24 Jan, 2024

US Financial Regulator Acknowledges Cybersecurity Lapse

Security Procedure Suspended for Six Months on SEC's X Account

Danial Zahoor 24 Jan, 2024

Microsoft's Security Compromised by Russian-Backed 'Midnight Blizzard' Cyberattack:

In a significant cybersecurity setback, Microsoft experienced a breach in late November, orchestrated by the Russian state-sponsored threat ...

Danial Zahoor 23 Jan, 2024