Legacy WiFi Wizard: Unleashing Time-Tested Windows Brute Force Mastery

WinFiHack is a recreational attempt by me to rewrite my previous project Brute-Hacking-Framework's main wifi hacking script that uses netsh and native Windows scripts to create a wifi bruteforcer. This is in no way a fast script nor a superior way of doing the same hack but it needs no external libraries and just Python and python scripts.


The packages are minimal or nearly none 😅. The package install command is:

pip install rich pyfiglet

Thats it.


So listing the features:

  • Overall Features:
    • We can use custom interfaces or non-default interfaces to run the attack.
    • Well-defined way of using netsh and listing and utilizing targets.
    • Upgradeability
  • Code-Wise Features:
    • Interactive menu-driven system with rich.
    • versatility in using interface, targets, and password files.

How to run this

After installing all the packages just run python main.py rest is history 👍 make sure you run this on Windows cause this won't work on any other OS. The interface looks like this: 


For contributions:

  • First Clone: First Clone the repo into your dev env and do the edits.
  • Comments: I would apprtiate if you could add comments explaining your POV and also explaining the upgrade.
  • Submit: Submit a PR for me to verify the changes and apprive it if necessary.
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