Meta Down: Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Down

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Are you experiencing difficulties accessing Facebook? Outages are surging. Numerous users are encountering involuntary logouts with no option to re-enter their accounts, affecting both the app and the website.

The cause of this outage remains unconfirmed. Users are facing challenges in password resets and encountering difficulties with two-factor security authentication.

Individuals on the outage detection website are reporting session expirations, preventing them from logging back in. Some express encountering an "Unknown Error" message whenever attempting to log in through the app.

The disruption is causing concern for businesses reliant on Facebook for marketing, underscoring the platform's pivotal role in global communication. Users are turning to alternative social networks to express frustrations and seek updates, with #FacebookDown gaining traction.

A Downdetector user notes, "Messenger and Facebook logged me out a few minutes ago. While I initially relogged successfully, subsequent attempts resulted in immediate logouts. The reported issue escalated from 40 to over 5000 instances, suggesting a current problem with Facebook."

Notably, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, all overseen by the parent company Meta, are experiencing similar issues. Meta has not disclosed a timeline for full service restoration but advises users to stay tuned for official updates.

We're going to add more information soon, if available, stay tuned! 

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