APK2URL: Extract IP and URL Endpoints from APKs with OSINT Tool

apk2url easily extracts URL and IP endpoints from an APK file and performs filtering into a .txt output. This is suitable for information gathering by the red team, penetration testers and developers to quickly identify endpoints associated with an application.

NOTE: Why use apk2url? When compared with APKleaks, MobSF and AppInfoScanner, apk2url identifies a significantly higher number of endpoints.

Running apk2url

NOTE: apk2url requires apktool and jadx which can be easily installed with apt. Please refer to the dependencies section.

git clone https://github.com/n0mi1k/apk2url
./apk2url.sh /path/to/apk/file.apk

UPDATE v1.2 now supports directory input for multiple APKs!

./apk2url.sh /path/to/apk-directory/

You can also install directly for easy access by running ./install.sh.
After that you can run apk2url anywhere:

apk2url /path/to/apk/file.apk

By default there are 2 output files in the "endpoints" directory:

  • <apkname>_endpoints.txt - Contains endpoints with full URL paths
  • <apkname>_uniq.txt - Contains unique endpoint domains and IPs

By default, the program does not log the Android file name/path where endpoints are discovered.
To enable logging, run as follows:

apk2url /path/to/apk/file.apk log

*Tested on Kali 2023.2 and Ubuntu 22.04


Use apt for easy installation of these tools required by apk2url:

  • sudo apt install apktool
  • sudo apt install jadx

Download APK2URL

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