From Edgy Highschooler To Car Hacker And Security Researcher

Hey, there- not sure how I can start this other than going by the title and kind of scraping a bit on the surface. For starters, hello there- my name is Totally_Not_A_Haxxer ( ironic name ), and I am a 16-year-old automotive security researcher working with organizations such as mk.iii to produce quite an amount of cyber-security-related content! This is my short story on how I went from an outcast in school to someone who hacks cars ( legally ) for a living!

Ah, let’s rewind the clock to the good ol’ days, before I became the grandmaster of car hacking – yep, you heard me right, car hacking. But before all that wizardry, I was basically the outcast of outcasts. Back in the day, yours truly was knee-deep in writing game cheats, rubbing shoulders with folks whose greatest ambition was mastering the art of game cheats and munching on a hearty selection of mood-altering substances. Ah, the exploits community, where toxicity thrives like a fungus in a damp cave – charming!

Meanwhile, I was juggling my rebellious teenage escapades, the kind that would give your average parent nightmares. Picture me, trying to squeeze every ounce of “oomph” out of life, navigating the treacherous waters of adolescence, and cultivating a personal vendetta against anything remotely associated with school. As if that wasn’t enough, I was racking up more fights than a Rocky Balboa marathon, probably because I had the brilliant idea of being the ultimate school outcast. My so-called friends managed to forget my existence faster than a Snapchat message.

Things got so wild that my guardian, bless their heart, yanked me out of that hellhole of education and into the glorious world of online schooling – yeah, before it was the cool thing to do. So here I was, a lone wolf at home, holed up with my trusty computer, delving into the mystical realm of game cheats (even though I was about as clueless as a goldfish in a maze). But hold up, don’t think my journey ended there. Oh no, dear reader, that’s when the real action began!

I swapped out my teenage angst for a newfound passion – cars, baby! Those four-wheeled marvels and their fancy tech tickled my fancy. I went all in, buying books and resources that were probably worth more than my weight in gold. From tinkering with gadgets to reverse engineering automotive networks, I went from being an irritable mini-human to a bona fide tech maestro.

In a plot twist worthy of Hollywood, my anger-fueled antics transformed into a superpower. Instead of causing chaos in the schoolyard, I was wreaking havoc on systems and networks, making even the most mischievous computer viruses jealous. So there you have it, my friend – from writing sneaky game cheats to playing tag with automotive technology, I became the quirky protagonist of my very own tech-driven saga. And yes, the cars better watch out, because I’ve turned my youthful rebellion into a symphony of circuitry and code. Who would’ve thought, huh?

I would have liked to share more but some things I just could not and plus the story would become WAYYYY too long for this segment haha! So there you have it! As of now at 16 years old I have written multiple books ( one of which is published on amazon ) and others that have been released for free! I have written my own programming language, developed my own security research community, worked with companies like Hakin9 and Pentest mag to push out IoT security research, and even went as far as working with the best companies to research and present automotive security content! Heck, I even just built my own car-hacking simulator haha! Do also note that everything I do is completely ethical AND LEGAL WITHIN THE U.S. as it is now my job and is also highly certified!

Hello there! If you would like to support me you can find me here! ( put your OSINT to work!)


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