Web-Check - 🌐 All-in-one website OSINT tool for analysing any website

Get an insight into the inner-workings of a given website: uncover potential attack vectors, analyse server architecture, view security configurations, and learn what technologies a site is using.

Currently the dashboard will show: IP info, SSL chain, DNS records, cookies, headers, domain info, search crawl rules, page map, server location, redirect ledger, open ports, traceroute, DNS security extensions, site performance, trackers, associated hostnames, carbon footprint. Stay tuned, as I'll add more soon!

The aim is to help you easily understand, optimize and secure your website.


Live Demo

A hosted version can be accessed at: web-check.as93.net


The source for this repo is mirrored to CodeBerg, available at: codeberg.org/alicia/web-check


Often when I'm looking into a website, there's several things I always check first. None of this is hard, and can usually be done with a series of curl commands, or using a combination of online tools. But it's so much easier to have everything presented clearly and visible in one place.


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Read more here: web-check.as93.net/about

Note that not all checks will work for all sites. Sometimes it's not possible to determine some information, and there are limitations imposed by Netlify for the lambda functions.



You'll need Node.js (V 18.16.1 or later) installed.

  1. Clone the repo, git clone git@github.com:Lissy93/web-check.git
  2. Cd into it, cd web-check
  3. Install dependencies: npm i
  4. Populate environmental variables, in the .env
  5. Start the dev server, with npx netlify-cli dev


Click the button below, to deploy to Netlify πŸ‘‡

Deploy to Netlify



Contributions of any kind are very welcome, and would be much appreciated. For Code of Conduct, see Contributor Convent.

To get started, fork the repo, make your changes, add, commit and push the code, then come back here to open a pull request. If you're new to GitHub or open source, this guide or the git docs may help you get started, but feel free to reach out if you need any support.

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Reporting Bugs

If you've found something that doesn't work as it should, or would like to suggest a new feature, then go ahead and raise a ticket on GitHub. For bugs, please outline the steps needed to reproduce, and include relevant info like system info and resulting logs.

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