pyFUD - Multi Clients FUD Reverse Shell

python3 based multi clients reverse shell.


This Project is under active development. May contains some bugs


1. Don't Upload Any Payloads To Bcz This tool will not work
   with Time.
2. Virustotal Share Signatures With AV Comapnies.
3. Again Don't be an Idiot!


1. git clone
2. python3 (enter your ip,port and start the server)
3. (Edit IP AND PORT To Put Your Own IP,Port)


1. python3
2. Now Compile to exe (make sure change ip and port in it)


1. Very Simple And Fully Undectable Reverse Shell
2. Multi Client Handling
3. Persistent  Shell
3. auto-reconnect
5. U can Convert to exe using pyinstaller tool in windows.


Use this tool Only for Educational Purpose And I will Not be Responsible For ur cruel act.

Download pyFUD

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