Password Managers can be Considered a Huge Weak Point

Password managers can be considered a huge weak point. Once a hacker is already in the system, via something as basic as Metasploit, they now pretty much have access to that "password manager".

Stop and think about it... 

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and many previous Internet Browsers of the past, has already offered a way save passwords. Even many Browsers that offer browser extensions for these so-called managers, may even have a list stored internally (locally), besides externally (remotely on the company's servers where your account of the manager is held).

Therefore, one needs to merely copy/transfer or just browse through the hidden directories where the managers store certain files to have that list.

End users are the weakest link. This is without a doubt. Sending a file or link to gain privileged access to the device is much easier and quicker, not to mention safer (without providing red flags), than hacking/cracking email accounts via phishing/brute force. Not to mention trying to figure out which manager the victim is using.

End result:

Giving all your passwords to a corporate entity is not only a major risk on your personal end but also an even bigger risk on the entity you just gave those passwords to. If and when the next major breach happens against that entity, there will be guaranteed an even bigger list stolen containing so many millions of users' accounts registered, along with their password lists saved. More than likely, they will also have the password you used to create that account for that manager as well. This is also of course if that particular password wasn't a reusable password that you have used or even saved within your list. 

Unfortunately, end-users often keep less than a handful of passwords for different environments anyway. Let alone, those who just use one or two different passwords. 

Those users who use merely a few passwords throughout their accounts, are even at a greater risk than most, considering many use the same password to sign up for an email account, social media, and even banking services.

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