Dangers of Deepfake Technology.

For now, the novelty of deepfake videos makes them fascinating and fun to watch. But lurking beneath the surface of this seemingly amusing technology is a danger that could get out of hand.

Deepfake technology is evolving to a point where it will most likely be difficult to tell fake videos apart from real ones. This could have disastrous consequences, especially for public figures and celebrities. Careers and lives may be compromised and even ruined outright by malicious deepfakes. People with ornery intentions could use these to impersonate people and exploit their friends, families, and colleagues. They can even use fake videos of world leaders to start international incidents and even wars.

At present, it may still be possible to spot badly generated deepfakes with the naked eye. The lack of human nuances, such as blinking, and details that may be off, such as wrongly angled shadows, are dead giveaways that are usually easy to spot.

But as the technology becomes more advanced and GAN processes become better, it will soon be impossible to tell if a video is authentic or not.

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