SpyCast - A Crossplatform mDNS Enumeration Tool

SpyCast is a crossplatform mDNS enumeration tool that can work either in active mode by recursively querying services, or in passive mode by only listening to multicast packets.


cargo build --release

OS specific bundle packages (for example dmg and app bundles on OSX) can be built via:

cargo tauri build

SpyCast can also be built without the default UI, in which case all output will be printed on the terminal:

cargo build --no-default-features --release


Run SpyCast in active mode (it will recursively query all available mDNS services):


Run in passive mode (it won't produce any mDNS traffic and only listen for multicast packets):

./target/release/spycast --passive

Other options

Run spycast --help for the complete list of options.


This project is made with  by @evilsocket and it is released under the GPL3 license.

Download SpyCast

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