Stratus Red Team - "Atomic Red Team™"

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Getting Started

Stratus Red Team is a self-contained Go binary.

See the documentation at


  • Mac OS:
brew tap datadog/stratus-red-team
brew install datadog/stratus-red-team/stratus-red-team
alias stratus="docker run --rm -v $HOME/.stratus-red-team/:/root/.stratus-red-team/ -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY -e AWS_SESSION_TOKEN -e AWS_DEFAULT_REGION $IMAGE"

Using Stratus Red Team as a Go Library

See Examples and Programmatic Usage.


Building Locally

./bin/stratus --help

Running Locally

go run cmd/stratus/*.go list

Running the Tests

make test

Building the Documentation

For local usage:

pip install mkdocs-material mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin

make docs
mkdocs serve


Maintainer: @christophetd

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