How to Delete or Close a PayPal Account?

How to Delete or Close a PayPal Account?

There can be possibly hundreds behind your wish to close or delete your PayPal account permanently. Closure of a PayPal account does not require many techniques and it is a simple process with some steps. In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial to delete your PayPal account which will help you in the process.

Important Note: Before moving further, I would like to clarify that many users utilize the term called ‘Deactivate PayPal account’ On PayPal, deactivation is not like Facebook or Instagram where you can reactivate your account whenever you want. Once the account is deleted from PayPal, it will be permanently shut down.

Reasons Behind The Closure Of PayPal Account:

There can be various reasons behind the decision of users to shut down their PayPal account. Before closing your PayPal account please note that you can keep your account open and stay inactive without paying any cost.

This option is advisable because you may never know when you will need to use your PayPal account again. Users may shut down their PayPal account for the following reasons:

  • Some users shut down their accounts for safety reasons as their accounts might have been compromised.
  • The account might have created for business purpose which no longer exists.
  • They must be starting a new account with another email address.
  • They must have switched to other options available like Stripe Payment Gateway and they no longer want to PayPal.

Consider The Following Things Before Closing Their PayPal Account:

  • PayPal accounts can be closed through a computer or laptop only. It cannot be closed on your mobile phone.
  • Once your PayPal account is shut down, you cannot restart it again and along with this all your history relating to the transaction will also be lost.
  • It is preferable to capture screenshots of all the important transactions which you may need in the future.
  • Before closing your PayPal account make sure that you collect your PayPal balance. To accumulate your PayPal balance following steps need to be followed:
  • Transfer the balance to your respective bank account (this process can take some days for the money to appear).
  • Request for a check from PayPal (this may incur a little amount of fee).


  • You can even purchase some products online from your favorite store

Reasons Behind The Failure Of Account Closure:

In some selective cases, the failure of account closure can appear. This problem will stay until the problems have been entirely resolved. If you are closing your account without transferring the balance funds from PayPal balance to your bank account then this issue may occur and it will be resolved once you are done with transferring the balance

How To Delete A PayPal Account (Step By Step)

The steps to shut down the PayPal account differs from account to account which means different procedures are there for ‘Business’ and ‘Personal’ account

Following is the procedure to delete the Person PayPal account:

  • Enter id and password and log in to your account
  • Next to the Logout tab, tap on the settings menu
    paypal settings
  • Go to the Account options and tap on the Close your Account option
    Close Paypal Account
  • Enter the details of your bank account, if requested
  • And finally! Tap on the option of Close account

Following is the procedure to delete a business PayPal account:

  • Enter id and password and Log in to your account
  • Next to the logout button, click on the option of Profile
  • Tap on the option of Profile and Settings
  • Tap on Account Settings
  • Above Account settings page, you will notice an option of Close account near Account type
  • And the final step is, Tap on the option of Close account and your PayPal account will be permanently deleted

What Happens Once The PayPal Account Is Closed?

As mentioned earlier, once your PayPal account is shut down you will never be able to access the account in the future. All the details like rapport and history will be lost permanently. Although you will have the option of creating a new PayPal account either with different email addresses or even from the same email address.

Transaction history will still be lost even if you make another PayPal account with the same email address. Lastly, Future online payments can’t proceed with the same PayPal account.

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