The Best Twitter Desktop Clients For Mac And Windows [January 2021]

The Best Twitter Desktop Clients For Mac And Windows [January 2021]

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In our eyes, the best Windows-exclusive Twitter app you can grab this year is still Tweetium, a third-party application available on the Windows Store for just $2.99. Like Tweetbot, there are some standard limitations to using a third-party Twitter app on Windows instead of the website or official client, but overall, we’re really big fans of what Tweetium brings to the table in terms of both design and features, and we think you will be too.

Let’s start off with some notes on design. Like Tweetbot, Tweetium is designed entirely around the general design ideas of Windows 10. There’s a lot of white space here, with big, bold blue headers and faint lines separating content from itself. The app features a windowed look that opens new content, threads, DMs, and mentions in their own areas inside the client, making it easy to manage your own Twitter notes without the functionality built into Twitter proper. Tweetium’s design also takes after the tile-based designs we’ve seen feature in the last two versions of Windows, making the entire app feel cohesive and compatible with the operating system you’re using. Animations are fluid, loading times are short, and multi-thread support is excellent.

Tweetium also has some great customization options, something we haven’t quite seem from the likes of apps like Tweetbot. You can change your color options, customize the appearance of the app, and generally make it feel like your own. Solid color options, halo-esque designs and opaque layers, and dark modes all exist to make your experience in Tweetium a little bit better. And we mentioned the animations, but to reiterate—they’re fantastic. Every tweet loads in automatically without refreshing, displaying a smooth and subtle transition that looks great and makes the app feel futuristic.

When it comes to features, you’re getting a fully-featured package with Tweetium. We mentioned the app doesn’t require users to refresh their feeds, with auto-loading tweets appearing in your timeline as they flow in. Live tiles are supported here, making it easy to check your Twitter account without having the app open consistently. You can view unread DMs and mentions right from inside the menu, without the need to keep the app open in the background while you’re trying to work. A full-size image viewer is here, absolutely trumping the pitiful standard image viewer offered within Twitter’s web client, and we’re big fans of the included video player as well.

Unfortunately, some of our favorite features for Twitter apps are locked behind a “Tweetium Pro,” which costs an additional $7.99 per year on top of the one-time purchase of the standard Tweetium application. What does the Pro upgrade get you in return for your $8 a year? A ton of additional features, including some that we’ve come to expect from standard applications. Tweetium Pro unlocks push notifications on your computers, including support for likes, follows, and tweet notifications. You can plug in multiple accounts into Tweetium Pro—up to seven, six more than the plain application’s account base. You can sync between devices using Tweetium’s pro-only TweetMarker, and there’s even an integrated new reader that makes browsing and reading articles and updates within Tweetium a much better experience than it would be otherwise.

A lot of these features are included by default in apps like Tweetbot, and though we dislike the $7.99 upcharge, the tiered price strategy means more people can use Tweetium at a lower cost if they don’t require those extra features. And that $7.99 charge isn’t recurring, a great choice from a solid software company.

Even if it isn’t perfect, Tweetium remains a great app, and the best option exclusively on Windows 10. The app is slick, easy to use, and available at a solid price for only $2.99 for most users. Those looking to get the most out of their apps will want to pony up for the premium experience with Tweetium Pro, but for the majority of consumers looking for a solid offering for their laptops, Tweetium is the perfect Twitter experience for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Finding an additional app beyond our top three to recommend has been a challenge. Thanks to Twitter’s constant changes over the last few years, many of the apps we would’ve recommended here just a few years ago have died, or fallen into disrepair. Apps like Fenice for Windows are still around, but the reviews are filled with mentions of bugs, inactive features, and a dead-end on new updates. Others, like Aeries, seem to be gone from the web, unable to be installed on your computer at all. It’s tough to make a decision on what to recommend, but if you’re trying to manage your brand accounts more than just using a basic Twitter service, you’ll want to check out Buffer.

Designed for companies that use social to promote products and services, Buffer is trusted by dozens of high profile companies, including Spotify, Shopify, Food52, and many more, and works with much more than just Twitter. Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn are here as well. Although you’ll likely need to pay to get the most out of the app, Buffer let’s you schedule your posts way ahead of time, while providing analytics to view their performance. This really isn’t a consumer-facing app, but if you’re an influencer or you’re looking for something to post to all your social networks to, this is definitely the app for you. Just be prepared to shell out for the experience—Buffer isn’t cheap.

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