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What is Webtalk?

But first thing first, What exactly is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a social platform that let you share pictures, files, posts, etc. with your friends, business colleagues, potential customers, etc. So you probably wonder how does Webtalk is different from Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and all the other social networks out there?

Good question! There are two big differences.

Who is it for? – What makes Webtalk unique?

Webtalk has 2 main benefits over Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and all the other social networks that make it unique:

Benefit 1:

When you share your pictures, posts etc. in Facebook, ALL your “friends” can see them. But what if, there are some pictures that you want to share only with your family and you don’t want your boss to see, and maybe there are some posts that you want to share with your business colleagues which will be boring for your close friends, or maybe you use Facebook also for building your part-time business and you want to share some information with a specific niche of prospects and not with all the others?

The only way to achieve that in Facebook is to maintain few profiles, which is forbidden by Facebook BTW, and even then it is not guaranteed that your friends on profile won’t be exposed to what you publish on your other profile.

Webtalk was built with the intention to solve this issue exactly.

On Webtalk when you accept someone as your friend, you tag him/her to which type of friends he/she belongs (family, coworker, friends, etc.). And when you publish some content you can mark which groups will be exposed to this information and which not. This way, when sharing a picture from last night party, you can mark it to be available only to your friends and not to your boss or mom.

Benefit 2:

And this is the major benefit for my opinion.

It is no secret that Facebook and Google are earning billions of dollars from advertising on their platform. But how much do they share with you?

After all, you are creating the content (with the posts and pictures that you share) and the traffic (when you invite your friends to join you and when people ‘like’ your posts). After all, without your engagement with the platform, there will be no audience to advertise to. Yet, you get zip! Not a dime! In other words, you are working for free!

What if you will open your email one day and you will see an email from Facebook. Which goes like this:

Thank you dear member, for your activity on our platform, Due to your sharing pictures and commenting and liking other people content, we got tons of people engaging on our platform, which lead us to close some lucrative deals with some advertisers. Hence, here is a code for $1000 gift card as an appreciation for your effort so far, and to encourage you to continue.

Unfortunately, although all the time I spent on Facebook (and other platforms) I haven’t received such an email so far… 🙁

Not from Facebook, not from Google, not from Pinterest…

But this is exactly what Webtalk intend to do!

Webtalk shares up to 50%! of their revenue with the users who helped to create it.*

* Disclaimer: Webtalk in currently on Beta. Sharing of income will start when the Beta stage will be completed.



How does it work? – Webtalk compensation plan

When someone that was invited by you to the platform completes a transaction (for ex. buy something) you get a commission of 10% of the transaction amount. And it is for life! not just for the first transaction. Which mean, if they buy a monthly subscription to some service on the platform (for ex. Upgrade to premium), you will get a commission on each month as long as they are paying subscribers of this service.

Please note that Webtalk is absolutely free to join and use, yet like in any other platform, they make their money from advertising and selling premium services.

Well, you probably think, most of my friends are not the kind of people who buy online, and will probably use only the free part of this platform so why bother?

Because Webtalk is going pay you 10% not just for your immediate friend’s transactions but also for their friend’s transactions.

When someone they invite to the platform completes a transaction, they will get 10% commission but also you will get 10% commission! But it doesn’t stop there… And that goes 5 levels deep!!!

Here are some examples to understand it better:

  1. You invite your mother, brother and sister to the platform to share some pictures from that last family barbecue. They might be not the types that buy online but…
  2. Your mother invites her beauty salon owner to share some pictures of the grandchild’s, and your brother invites some of his coworkers to share some pictures from the barbie.
  3. Your mothers’ beauty salon manager sees that quite a few members from the community are on this platform and decide to put an advertisement for her beauty salon. One of your brother coworkers is in charge of the overseas sales and he was looking for an online video conference tool to communicate with his colleagues oversea. And he notices that Webtalk has such a service and decide to subscribe for it.
  4. Once they (they beauty salon and the coworker of your brother) buy, you get 10%! And in the case of your brother coworker, you are paid every month! Nice 🙂

The former example was for only 2 levels (your family members as level one, and their friends as level 2). Webtalk will pay you for 5! Levels deep.

Here is a short scenario to show the potential:

Step 1:

Let’s assume that due to your invites, 10 people join the platform, and the same goes for them (they make 10 people join) and so on up to 5 level deep. Here is a short table describing how many people will be connected to you:

levelNumber of people

So according to the table above approximately 111,110 will be connected to you after a few months.

Step 2:

Now, let’s assume that only 1% of them are actually buying something each month, That’s mean that approximately 11,111 people that are connected to you are going to buy something each month.

Step 3:

Let’s assume that on average that something will cost on average $10.

Since you are getting 10%, that’s mean approximately $1,111 to you each month, just for posting on the platform, as you do on Facebook with no special effort.

Step 4:

But why stop at 10 people?

What if you will decide to treat this as a business and make a plan to invite 10 people each month? Or more…

See the potential?

How much does it cost?

Joining Webtalk is free, and using it to collaborate and share is free.

Like in any other social network, there will be some premium services that will cost money to use. That is how Webtalk is going to make money (and you commission from referring people to those services).


Who is behind webtalk?

According to the linked profile of the company:

Founders: RJ Garbowicz, Dr. Basit Hussain, Joy Randels, James “Jamie” Pews, Mary V. Bernard

Two encouraging things regarding those people (when evaluating is Webtalk a scam or not):

  1. They all come front and publicly state on their profile on Linkedin that they are connected with Webtalk. From my experience so far, when it comes to scam’s, the people behind try very hard to hide their identity And it is very hard to find who are the managing directors of the company.
  2. When you google those people, no news regarding being involved in former scam’s comes up.


  1. It is free to join
  2. The members of the Board of directors of the company are all publicly known (they don’t hide their identity like in most scam’s)
  3. According to the founder, they already invested $6.5 million in the developing this platform.
  4. You can earn money (in the future) from the activity.
  5. You can segment who will able to see what you share online


  1. Currently in Beta stage, hence not paying commissions yet.
  2. A bit confusing when Webtalk is the social platform, while another platform (SocialCPX) will manage the affiliate activities and will pay the commissions.


Final verdict – Is Webtalk a Scam or Legit?

Taking under consideration all the above pros and cons, I came to the conclusion that for now (October 2018) Webtalk is legit. Yet, we’ll need to see how things will evolve when (and if) Webtalk will emerge out of the beta stage. Keep following this post to receive updates.

In the meantime, I definitely recommend you to join this platform since you got nothing to lose and only to gain. Please note that the lucrative commissions of 5 levels deep are limited to whoever join in the beta stage. So act now before it is too late.

As for October 7th, 2018, over 1 million! people already joined Webtalk.

Join now and invite your friends to join, before they will invite you.


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